36 new Certified SynaptiQ Operators


Last month some European 3E senior experts joined our Indian team in Delhi to provide a four-day training on our solar asset management platform SynaptiQ to ReNew Power, the leading player in renewable energy in India.

From the creation of new customised dashboards, to the extract of advanced indicators using flexible reporting, passing by complex alarm management, our experts introduced the main functionalities of SynaptiQ to 36 asset managers and PV analysts from ReNew Power. As this in-depth training aimed to be very hands-on, case studies drawn from ReNew’s plants, tailored exercises and Q&A sessions were part of the programme.

At the end of each training block the participants’ understanding of the material was tested through an online exam. Certificates were then awarded to the trainees for successful completion of the SynaptiQ training course, during an official Certificate award ceremony held in the presence of 3E and ReNew’s top-level management.

Our team is very proud of the results achieved by the new SynaptiQ operators and is convinced that ReNew now has all the tools and expertise it needs to make the most of our Asset and O&M management platform SynaptiQ.


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