Encouraging capacity building in emerging markets with tailored wind energy trainings

In addition to providing technical expertise to international projects with e.g. wind resource data, mapping services and site selection, 3E is holding training sessions to key stakeholders in countries such as Mali, Ivory Coast and Ethiopia. The stakeholders are governmental institutions, local utilities, private developers and educational institutions. Even though this part of the projects is often less talked about, our company believes that capacity building is key to facilitate the energy transition. Trainings are organised in the country or in-house at 3E in Brussels or Cape Town.

Clients can choose from a number of trainings such as:

  • The selection of areas suitable for the wind energy development,
  • Constraint mapping,The set-up of measurement campaigns for providing high quality bankable data,
  • Data monitoring,
  • Turbine technology,
  • Hands-on training on software tools for resource assessment.

Recently 3E organized, for example, a 5-day training session on wind resource assessment in Ethiopia. This World Bank assignment was funded by the Energy Sector Management Assistance Program (ESMAP) and the Embassy of Denmark. It was aimed at local engineers of an electricity producing company and students of nearby university.

During that week of training, 3E engineers and attendees sat together to cover all the steps of the assessment of a prospective site for wind development, from the analysis of met mast data and the modelling of wind flow, to the optimization of a park layout and site compliance issues.

In addition to teaching theoretical background, emphasis was put on practical and pragmatic use of industry-proven software, such as WAsP and WindPRO. The objective was to provide the attendees with all the necessary tools to enable them to operate, maintain, follow up and analyse data without further support.

To ensure an efficient knowledge transfer, the training will be followed by rehearsal sessions during which attendees will have the opportunity to become more familiar with and to go deeper into some aspects.

Want to deepen your knowledge in wind energy and know the latest trends in wind resource assessment?
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