PV-Benchmark uses SynaptiQ to detect PV plant underperformances


PV-Benchmark is a German independent solution provider for photovoltaic plant optimisation under operation, located in Obing near Munich. The company is specialised in the operation and management of photovoltaic plants, based on continuous high level remote PV monitoring. Additionally, professional services are provided, going from onsite testing, acceptance and analysis, up to system optimization and repowering. As 3E’s German O&M Partner, PV-Benchmark has an extensive experience with SynaptiQ’s monitoring software solution, since several years.

PV-Benchmark uses a fully equipped 2 hectare research PV testing field for the steady development, evaluation and improvement of its methodologies for professional photovoltaic plant monitoring and analysis. SynaptiQ is the tool used to treat operational plant data, implement and validate improvement measures. Christian Vodermayer, CEO of PV-Benchmark, says: “The combination of SynaptiQ’s unique expected yield and performance alerting features, in combination with the integrated advanced analysis tool, allows us to pinpoint underperformances that would not be revealed by any standard monitoring tool. We successfully optimized different plants, which resulted in a long term performance gain of more than 15 percent.

The use of SynaptiQ and its unique features has thus enabled PV-Benchmark to detect easily and rapidly any malfunctioning and underperformance of their PV plants, ensuring considerable gains, boosting efficiency as well as further optimisation.