Solar Analytics

AI-based solution for automated production loss identification and diagnosis, providing forward-looking insights and actionable recommendations to boost solar asset performance.

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Why 3E's Solar Analytics makes you shine?

  • Incomparable quality of the dataset thanks to 10 years of platform operations
  • +20 years of domain expertise built-in​
  • Proprietary stack of satellite irradiation and meteo data
  • Unique analytical digital twin approach
  • Results of continued collaborative R&D since 2010 with renowned institutes:
    Sandia Labs, EURAC, Fraunhöfer, IMEC, Ecole des Mines & Sirris
  • Under continuous validation with market leaders: Engie, Bouygues, ReNew Power, Enel, Solar Century, Eneco​
solar + wind plant
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Solar Analytics 


Solar Analytics Base

Independent Resource Modelling​

  • Best-of-class high granularity in-plane satellite irradiation data
  • Reliable historical meteo data 

Simulation Model

  • Digital twin simulating the expected system behaviour under actual conditions​

Solar Analytics Package

Solar Sensor Check​

  • Actionable sensor quality assessment​

Shading Analytics

  • Accurate shading assessment from the operational data

Availability Analytics

  • Loss calculation & aggregation, reliable string failure detection 

Performance Analytics

  • Artificial intelligence based performance loss separation

Soiling and Degradation Analytics

  • Artificial intelligence based soiling and degradation loss identification​

Solar Analytics Optional

Component Benchmarking

  • Fleet based component benchmarking by climate, design & operating conditions​

Cleaning Optimization

  • Optimised cleaning schedules at array level​

Production Forecast

  • Accurate production forecasting for power market integration​


  • Automated commissioning reporting at PAC and FAC​

Continuous LTYA

  • Continuous business plan & cash forecast update based on historical performance​