"We keep our inverters' availability almost to 100% thanks to SynaptiQ's Asset Operations solution."

In this video, Martin Horstink from Sunrock explains why and how his team is using 3E's Asset Operations application.

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Optimizing the output of all Sunrock's solar plants

"We use the SynaptiQ Asset Operations tool on a daily basis because it is very flexible and easy to use," says Martin Horstink, Asset Manager at Sunrock, the Dutch market leader for large-scale solar roofs.

He explains: "The holy grail for a solar asset manager is to get all inverters up and running. With the software we are getting automatic alarms. We see underperformance of our inverters. So it is really giving the information to keep our availability almost to 100%."

Much more than a monitoring tool

"SynaptiQ adds additional intelligence to your own data, like the digital twin comparison which is more or less a simulation of the production based on park configuration and real irradiation data. You get simulated production and you can compare that with the real production, which makes it very easy to see if a park is underperforming of performing as expected.

The SynaptiQ environment is very easy to use and flexible. As a user you can define your own graphs, like heat maps, and that makes it very easy for yourself to understand the data that you are looking at."

Open data and software architecture

"This app is the right fit for our company because we use a lot of different kinds of brands for our inverters, for our data loggers. And with SynaptiQ we are able to use all of them, which gives us flexibility in the design of the park.

I would recommend the Asset Operations app. It is easy to use, it is easy to configure new plants, and also, if you have some trouble using the software, the helpdesk is always there for you.

All together, it also helps us to improve our availability, the performance of our park, and at the end it also helps us to gain more revenue."


Which aspects are important to you when using an asset operations tool?
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