Wind Data

Project Development is your go-to application for high-resolution wind resource data and bankable solar irradiation data to assess long-term yield of future renewable assets, improve ROI and evaluate operational plant performance

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Choose Virtual Met Mast and get access to high-resolution
wind resource data at a click of a button

The Virtual Met Mast combines an AI-based model chain together with high-resolution satellite land data to generate the next generation of microscale wind resource timeseries. With global access to over 30 years of data, the Virtual Met Mast reduces risks during site prospection and allows finer estimation of energy production of any wind energy project.

High Resolution

We combine a spatial resolution of 30x30 m with a time resolution of 10 minutes. Globally.

Extensive dataset

Wind speed, direction, turbulence intensity, and many other climate variables are provided for up to 30 years and hub heights ranging from 10 to 300 metres.

WRF meets AI

To generate accurate high-resolution data, we combine a WRF-based model chain with artificial intelligence. Our peer-reviewed methodology makes use of high-resolution land data from Sentinel satellites.

Fast & Easy Access

Receive your dataset in less than 24 hours and integrate it into your SynaptiQ environment - the one-of-a-kind lifecycle SaaS for all of your solar and wind energy projects.

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