Resource Analysis

SynaptiQ RA is your go-to digital application for high-resolution wind & solar data to assess the long-term yields for your future renewable assets, improve the bankability of your pipeline, and evaluate the performance of your operational plants.

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Infinite access to validated,
high-resolution data
for yield assessments


  • Data coverage
  • Modelling methodology
  • Validations

SQ Resource analysis is your go-to digital application that integrates all your resource data needs for solar & wind energy projects in your daily routines.

The bankability of your projects largely depend on the quality of the solar & wind data you rely on. Developers, investors, asset managers, owners, O&M contractors and technology providers trust us, and base their daily operations and decisions making on our resource information.

Our satellite-based irradiation data makes use of the most advanced Cloud Physical Properties (CPP) models available today. Through these models, 3E has significantly improved the accuracy of satellite-based irradiation data. Our data is constantly evaluated against reference data from over 300 high quality meteo stations across Europe and Africa, making it the most-extensively validated satellite-based irradiation data source available today.

Similarly, we provide on-the-fly land cover & roughness maps and virtual met mast timeseries to speed up the early stages in the wind farm development process and support the operations of wind plants.

Our data products

Unlimited access

Forget about counting and estimating how much data you'll need when. Our platform subscriptions give you infinite access to our resource data wherever and whenever you need them.

Who is it for?

EPCs and development teams in need of quick assess to bankable solar irradiance data to simulate P50 or P95 long-term yield assessments


Unlimited access to TMY Pxx's for your LTYAs and power simulations.


Unlimited access to historical timeseries & TMY Pxx's to evaluate plant performances in all project stages.

Who is it for?

Development and O&M teams in search for quick access to actual solar irradiance timeseries and P50 or P95 TMY's to evaluate the performance of solar PV assets in the design & operational stage

More than 10k assets benefit from RA worldwide

SQ Resource Data is your go-to application that integrates all your resource data needs for your solar & wind energy projects in your daily routines.