Ready to join the clean energy revolution?

We believe in a world ​in which renewable energy is available to everyone, everywhere – and we want you to help us in our mission.

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Our people are the roots of our company

We maximise the value of renewable assets through data intelligence, digital solutions and expert services.
With the four founders of 3E still holding key positions within the company – providing the strong leadership that fuels our engine and inspires our motivation - we are committed to driving the global energy transition!

Founded in 1999 | 6 offices
20 nationalities | 5 spin-offs

Brussels | Paris | Barcelona | Toulouse | Cape Town | Chennai

Our teams are composed of experts fluent ​in
English, French, Dutch, German, Italian, Spanish, Turkish and Hindi

“Thanks to great people of more than 20 nationalities, 3E’s impact is global now. Thank you - each of you - for your contribution to each milestone.”

Geert Palmers
Co-founder of 3E

“Our company can only grow as fast as we can grow our people. That is how we build a sustainable company.”

Stef Goossens

Cheers from Brussels, Toulouse, Barcelona, Paris, Chennai and Cape Town!

Our offices have bright open office spaces, where you can also find our CEO in the mornings. At all times of the year, the ducks in our local pond provide a very calming sight at our HQ in Brussels. Get a look at our workplaces.

Head Office 3E Brussels

Want to work at our HQ or in our regional offices?

Impact Capital's mission is to invest in inspiring, innovative and convincing impact businesses. Therefore, 3E was my first investment. 3E has now become a breeding place for spin-offs and for world leading digital solutions. For me, it was clear from the beginning when I invested in 3E that it has a special culture. The culture of being more human-centred, very internationally oriented, and a cross-road of many different cultures. It makes 3E an inspiring place to work, to be inspired by and to inspire other companies.


Piet Colruyt,
Impact Capital - CEO

After working for 10 years in the solar PV industry, I joined 3E in 2019 and got to continue with my passion for renewable energy. I moved from working on a few projects a year to seeing a new project almost every few weeks. I also have the chance to collaborate with big industry names, large solar PV plants and colleagues from all over the world. The work I do at 3E is very rewarding: when the client recognizes the quality of my work and wants to work with you again, it feels great! The company culture at 3E makes the return on investment even higher. It’s an easy, horizontal environment to work in and everyone’s door is always open. I have a lot of possibilities to develop my skills and appreciate the transparent and trusting way of working.


Thibault Desardurats,
Solar Consultant for the Technical Advisory team, Toulouse 

I actually started at 3E as a consultant, and I immediately felt welcome and part of the team because of the open mindset, honest communication and the trust they gave me from the start. Very quickly I realised that I didn’t want to leave the company anymore, one thing led to another and now I’m their new HR officer!


Sanne Peerebooms,
HR Officer, Brussels

I joined 3E in the pursuit to work for a diverse, challenging and leading-edge renewable energy company.

It has been a little over a year now since my onboarding and it makes me happy to say that each and everyone of those requirements has been more than fulfilled. On top of that I get to work in an amazing team together with supportive colleagues.


Arthur Ostyn,
Consultant in the Resource Assessment team, Brussels

I stumbled on 3E and it was one of the better things to happen to me. It made me more conscious about my ecological footprint in little things. The colleagues of different nationalities are also very interesting to me.

I am surrounded by many smart people and they say “surround yourself with people who inspire you”, no? Well, there you go.

I like the vibe at 3E and this since the very beginning!


Receptionist at 3E, Brussels

Feel the vibe

Get a taste of life at 3E, made up of hundreds of small yet amazing moments.

For example, sharing a drink on our roof at the end of the day, celebrating the 20 years of 3E with the alumni, enjoying summer with the colleagues from the foreign offices...





“Coming together is a beginning.
Staying together is a progress.
Working together is a success.”

H. Ford


We give back

At 3E, we think that trust is a two-way street. We believe in winning as a team, and we expect our people to work together to help us achieve our lofty ambitions. We aim for nothing less than pure excellence, provided it never comes at the cost of our integrity. Fortune favours the bold - and for this reason, we like to give back.

We’ve got you!​

As a part of our salary ​package we also offer great ​insurance options for our employees and ​their families.

We’ll get you there​

We ensure that all of our employees can get to and from work in a sustainable way – and we reimburse 100% of public transport costs.

Off the record​

We love to get to know our people both inside and outside of work. With our regular alumni drinks, ​team lunches, and ​end-of-year parties, we make sure to have fun too!


We value all of our employees, their ideas and their creativity. We inspire everyone ​to be proactive and think​ with us - not for us.

Perfect work/life balance

We believe that a happy employee is a productive one. With home office and flexible work hours, we give everyone ​the opportunity to control ​their schedule.

The necessities​

We ensure that all of our employees have the tools ​they need to work at the highest level.

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