3E is leading the digitalisation path and delivers a direct impact on the financial performance of your renewable energy assets

2021 was a year characterised by steeply rising energy demands, volatile electricity pricing and further consolidation. In addition, building and maintaining energy assets are becoming more complex due to tightening regulations, diversifying portfolios and increasingly stringent grid requirements. 

Now more than ever before, renewable energy investors, operators and developers need a long-term technology partner with both local expertise and global reach. 3E is market leader and setting the standards in new digital products that maximize the value of renewable assets. 3E is also the preferred technology partner of many major renewable energy investors, developers and operators.

In 2021, we launched new best-in-class digital applications on our digital platform SynaptiQ.

Asset Operations 2.0

Application for optimising the operations, performance analysis & reporting of the renewable energy portfolio by means of a comprehensive functionality beyond monitoring. This well-known and valued solution has been updated with a new UI. 

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Solar Analytics

AI-based solution for automated production loss identification and diagnosis, providing forward-looking insights and actionable recommendations to boost solar asset performance.

“Thanks to the automatic split between actionable and non-actionable losses, I immediately know which O&M actions to take. For plants with issues, this tool saves a lot of back and forth as well as field visits. When I do go onsite, I’m able to match the field measurements to the calculated losses.”  

Calin Sas, Technical Asset Manager at Solora


Wind Analytics – LivLiner

AI-based solution, co-created by 3E and LivLiner, for automated production loss identification and diagnosis, providing forward-looking insights and actionable recommendations to boost wind asset performance.

“The LivLiner Wind Analytics technology has enabled us to automatically identify performance and diagnostics actions from our high-frequency data that enabled continuous O&M improvements.”

Bjorn Reynaert, Technical Director at Norther


Turbine performance Analysis

Get a grip on your underperforming wind assets by focusing on improving the future production of your wind farm through a new underperformance analysis service.

"3E’s Turbine Underperformance Analysis provided us with an in-depth analysis of the performance of one of our wind farms. It enabled us to increase production and to optimise revenue forecasting. Impressive innovation from 3E!"

Annemarie Devis, Wind Expert at Storm


"Our digital solutions are creating impact.
They maximise the value of your renewable assets.”

In 2022 we will further develop SynaptiQ, our all-in-one service point for our SaaS offerings, and we will continue to expand it as new solutions become available. 

Our key drivers for our development roadmap in 2022:

  • Reduce operational costs, increase performance and minimize liquidated damages
  • Reduce development CAPEX and OPEX through model based analytics
  • Increase revenues through analytics and forecasting

We look forward to working with you in 2022. Because we like you, but especially because we want your renewable energy portfolio to flourish. Let’s create more impact, together!