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Offshore wind industry can optimise efficiency and yield of its wind farms thanks to new partnership between e-BO Enterprises, 3E and VUB

Brussels, 8 February. Digitalisation is a crucial factor to enable the strong growth of the offshore wind industry. e-BO Enterprises and 3E are joining forces to offer best-in-class integrated solutions worldwide and are looking to incorporate cutting-edge technology from the VUB research team of Prof. Jan Helsen.

e-BO Enterprises develops and commercialises an integrated data and process management platform for the offshore wind industry. The focus of the platform is on operational efficiency, analysis and risk management.

3E develops and commercialises performance analysis and management software for the wind and solar energy industry.

The VUB technology is based on years of applied validated academic research in self-learning algorithms for performance and maintenance optimisation for large offshore wind farms.

An important aspect of the cooperation is the integration of all solutions into an online one-stop shop. The solutions offer operators of offshore wind farms unique opportunities for improving yield and efficiency.

While validation of the integrated solutions is ongoing with leading Belgian offshore wind operators, the partners will jointly start commercialisation in 2022 in key offshore wind markets such as Germany, France and the UK.

”We look forward to new digital solutions to automatically identify performance and diagnostics actions from our high-frequency data and that enable continuous O&M improvements.”

Bjorn Reynaert, Technical Director - NORTHER


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