SolarPower Europe and 3E reveal brand new European Solar Map


SolarPower Europe unveils SolarPower Live Map on solar’s brightest day

Brussels, 21 June 2017 – On the year’s longest and brightest day, SolarPower Europe, launched the most dynamic and accurate tool for real-time mapping of solar power generation in Europe.

The SolarPower Live Map was made in collaboration with 3E, SMA and SolarPower Europe and is powered by 3E’s Solar Data Services (click here to receive best-of-class solar data for you PV projects). The tool makes use of up-to-date solar PV installed capacity as well as 15 minutes solar irradiation data from 3E, a leading solar data provider. The solar power over Europe and its evolution is shown through a dynamic map based on frequently updated data. The application uses real-time meteorological data updated several times during the day.

Geert Palmers, CEO of 3E stated: ‘Solar brings major power contributions to our society – to rural communities and to our cities, smartly integrated from Pico to Gigawatt scale. In several regions of Europe, we reached over 30% coverage of the power consumption by solar over sunny hours during the day. 3E is proud to power this great initiative with our solar data services‘.

James Watson, CEO SolarPower Europe, announced: ‘The SolarPower Live Map provides close to real time solar generation data and covers virtually all European countries, with some data broken down further on a detailed regional level. There is also the option to see the historic solar generation from 2005 to 2016, as well as generation data per inhabitant. This is an unprecedented tool in the renewable energy sector and demonstrates the perfect synergy between solar power and the digitalisation of energy.

This is an unprecedented tool in the renewable energy sector and shows in high resolution how solar is driving the energy transition in Europe. This tool is designed for policy makers, industry and the public to explore at any time the power of solar across regions, cities and countries and see the vast potential of solar in Europe.

You can check out the Live Map here: