SynaptiQ and Sotecnisol: Testimony of a successful partnership


Since June 2018 Sotecnisol has been using SynaptiQ, 3E’s asset management platform. SynaptiQ has since then enabled Sotecnisol’s clients to increase performance and reduce operational costs of their solar assets.

Sotecnisol is a Portuguese engineering company with more than 45 years of experience in the construction, environment, energy, water and agriculture sectors. As an O&M Manager, Sotecnisol needed a top-level asset management platform that would maximise the performance and availability of its clients’ solar assets while drastically reducing operational costs. They eventually selected SynaptiQ as the best option in the market to cover their needs.

In the video below Sotecnisol explains why they have chosen to rely on SynaptiQ for their reporting and daily operations and maintenance activities. On this occasion they invited Romain Willaime, Sales and Account Manager for SynaptiQ Solar, to come and introduce 3E’s monitoring solution.

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