14 tips for choosing a high-performance operations tool for your renewable assets

An Asset Operations application uses powerful AI-driven software to maximize generation from your solar and wind assets while drastically reducing operating costs.

Drawing on our 20 years of monitoring and energy consulting experience in the solar and wind sector, here are 14 expert tips for evaluating and selecting the best management tool for your renewable assets.


Hassle-free onboarding

1.   Choose a flexible software solution designed for all leading industry hardware.

2.   Make sure you are in the lead of defining the assets configuration.

3.   Streamline your software onboarding process with pre-configured asset alarms and portfolio-wide KPI’s.


Comprehensive functionality

4.   Maintain more valuable assets with portfolio-wide alarms and AI-powered performance management

5.   Use real-time dashboards to set more effective priorities across all your energy assets.


6.   Fine-tune your analysis and visualisation to the needs of all internal and external stakeholders.

7.   Set new performance standards with software aligned to SolarPower Europe’s Best Practices.

8.   Customise your reports and make smarter use of your data.




Open platform

9.   Drive more transparent data management with an advanced open platform.

10.   Easy integration with your corporate data lake?

 Advanced analytics

11.   Stay ahead of the game with high granularity satellite irradiation and meteo data.

12.   A validated simulation model benchmarks the operational performance.


Built and serviced by domain experts

13.   Is a technical support service level guaranteed by skilled domain experts?

14.   Select AI-driven software built by industry leaders, for industry leaders.

Have we missed anything? Which features are most important to you when choosing an asset operations tool?

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