Resource Analysis

3E’s solar irradiance resource data allow you to accurately model energy production, vastly important for the bankability of your planned solar energy project, or to determine the performance of your operational solar power plant.

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We deliver bankable historical and near real-time solar irradiance resources data

3E’s solar irradiance resource data is based on the most advanced models including satellite-based Cloud Physical Properties (CPP) models for the solar resource quantification and the best combination of Numerical Weather Prediction (NWP) models for each region in combination with actual monitoring data from solar parks to derive the most advanced forecast services.

Trusted by prime solar corporations and recognized by researchers. Delivering highly accurate and independently validated solar resource data. Helping you to make better decisions in your solar projects!

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Optimize the planning and operations of your solar plant with 3E's resource data

Widely validated data set

✓ Validated at 300+ high quality meteorological stations spread over different climate regions

✓ Independently validated by TUV Rheinland in Germany


Flexible pricing & easy checkout

✓ Products can be bought separately, in bundles or via subscription

✓ With our easy and secure checkout service, you can purchase the datasets you require immediately


Extensive collection of parameters

✓ Many different types of solar radiation variables available (GHI, DIF, etc.)

✓ Complemented with meteorological variables at no additional cost

Spatial resolution/coverage

✓ Spatial resolution of 3-4 km²

✓ Data available for Europe, Africa and the Americas

✓  Global coverage coming soon!


Time resolution/coverage

✓ Time resolution up to 15 min

✓ Data available from 2004 up to date. See graph. 


Flexible access

✓ Custom delivery (Email, FTP, etc.)

✓ API for seamless integration into your existing operations

✓ Fully integrated in SynaptQ