Today's wind resource assessment: where do LiDAR's come into play?

Wind resource assessment studies of today are often challenged by higher hub heights, remote sites, large-scale projects and complex atmospheric stability conditions. Do you face any of these hurdles in your project? With a turnkey LiDAR wind measurement service, you have the perfect toolkit to overcome them.     

Over time the onshore wind industry has come a long way. Manufactures are building larger and larger turbines with hub heights of 160 meters as the new standard. The result is a need for wind measurements at higher altitudes over the entire rotor swept area. Furthermore, wind farms are increasing in size and are requiring multiple measurement locations per project.

LiDAR (light detection and ranging) wind measurement units are small, easy deployable and cheaper alternatives or supplements to the generally known measurement mast. They use laser technology and the doppler shift principle to measure wind parameters at multiple heights up to 300 meters above ground level. They provide reliable and bankable data with the possibility to reductions in vertical and horizontal extrapolation uncertainties during long-term yield assessments.

Due to the small size and low weight of the entire system, the LiDAR unit can be transported with ease to any corner of the world. 3E has ongoing projects in mountainous Bosnia-Herzegovina and multiple pacific islands, perfectly showcasing the extreme circumstances under which the system can be deployed. The limited space required for an installation is also the main reason why no permit is required.   

Arthur Ostyn, Solar & Wind Consultant at 3E:

“For over 20 years 3E has been assisting wind project developers with obtaining lender acceptance through bankable long-term yield assessments. Seeing how LiDAR technology broke through the industry and pioneering the first floating LiDAR in the world, 3E is perfectly positioned to assist you with any LiDAR related questions.”

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