Real-time mapping of solar & wind power generation in Wallonia

3E is proud to present its latest dynamic solar and wind map, tailor-made for Wallonia, Belgium.

At the request of the Sustainable Energy Promotion Directorate of the Walloon Public Service, 3E developed a webtool showing historical, real-time, forecasted solar PV and wind generation in Wallonia. This map, modelled on the one 3E made for the Flemish region, uses 3E’s unique satellite-based weather data models and data provided by all the installations included in Wallonia’s newly established register.

The data on the map are split up by municipality and province, which allows intra-Walloon comparison of renewable energy policy success. In addition to the number of GWh produced, additional features such as peaks in production, percentage of the demand covered by energy source and generation data per inhabitant are also displayed.

With these real-time renewable energy metrics 3E achieves two goals:

  1. tracking and promoting renewable energy policy achievements,
  2. providing real-time data for developers, lenders and authorities.

Because the future of renewable energy is digital, data-driven and real-time, 3E has the firm ambition to develop dynamic maps for all Europe, India and Africa.

Thanks to this live tool, policymakers, industry and the general public will be able to explore historical, real-time and forecasted solar PV production across Europe, from European up to local level. This highly innovative way of presenting RE data will also allow to highlight countries that have invested in solar production and to compare success in power production across regions. In addition, the short-term forecasting data behind these maps can be used for distributed generation to the grid and by market operators.