Digitalisation & Solar in Emerging Markets: Task Force Report


As a member of SolarPower Europe’s Emerging Markets Task Force and Digitalisation & Solar Task Force, 3E is proud to share their latest joint report entitled ‘Digitalisation & Solar in Emerging Markets’.

The report explores the importance of digital solar with a special focus on new and emerging markets outside of Europe. It shows that digital solar is indeed a key pillar of the global energy transition in all segments of economy and society. The report includes off-grid digital solar technologies and business models such as solar-based microgrids and pay-as-you-go for solar, which enable access to energy in off-grid contexts or regions with unreliable power supply. Additionally, it includes on-grid technologies and business models that are interesting for new and emerging solar markets with stable power grids, such as smart data analytics or digital asset management for utility-scale solar power plants.

SynaptiQ: Solar portfolio management with satellite-based irradiation data for India

As an example of smart data analytics and machine learning improving asset performance in emerging countries, our solar portfolio management tool SynaptiQ and its application to the Indian market are presented in this report. This full-page case study showcases how the features of SynaptiQ are providing an adequate answer to the digitalisation of solar energy in India.

Read the full use case on page 26 here.