TÜV Rheinland confirms the excellent quality of 3E’s Satellite-based irradiation data


TÜV Rheinland has validated and qualified as excellent 3E’s satellite derived solar irradiation data over 35 meteo stations in Germany. Over 215 complete years (1-14 years per stations between 2005 and 2017) of high quality data from 35 public meteo stations in Germany were used for the validation.

The high accuracy from the results over all years confirms the excellent quality of 3E’s solar irradiation data in the validated moderate-climate region. The results of the validation are summarized below including bias, standard deviation (SD) of bias and root mean square error (RMSE) between all available measurement stations and satellite data. The time and spatial aggregated results are also shown on the figure below.


In 2017, 3E introduced a new satellite-based irradiation data source that makes use of the most advanced Cloud Physical Properties (CPP) models available today (https://solardata.3e.eu) Through the use of underlying cloud models considering the physical properties of the clouds, 3E has significantly improved the accuracy of the satellite-based irradiation data.

3E’s satellite-based solar irradiation data is constantly evaluated against the reference data from the measurement stations making it the most extensively validated satellite-based irradiation data source. Over 300 high quality meteorological stations spread across Europe and Africa are used within this Solar Data validation framework, participating in the continuous improvement of the models. Results of these extensive validations were recently presented in the white paper: Satellite-based irradiation data: the new market standard.

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