SynaptiQ is the go-to digital platform for development, operational asset management and analytics of your renewable energy projects. 

Through our platform, we bring our domain knowledge to your fingertips and into your daily routines to plan, develop, build and operate renewable assets around the world.

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Bring more value to your assets through SynaptiQ, combining all of our leading SaaS products 


Digitalise your business

  • Apply a unique information model during pre-feasibility, design, construction, operations, transaction stages
  • Integrate with design tools, financial modelling, ERP, power market services, field management services and business reporting
  • Benefit from an open data policy

Bring top-notch domain expertise to your desktop

  • The most validated and most accurate meteorological & geographical resource datasets
  • Integrated renewable energy system modelling based on 20 years of bankable technical advisory
  • Actionable analytics and AI
  • Effective cost, yield and revenue optimization services

Our digital solutions

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Asset Operations
Asset Operations

Optimising the operations, performance analysis & reporting of your renewable energy portfolio by comprehensive functionality beyond monitoring.

Resource Analysis

Project Development

We provide bankable historical and near real-time resource data.


Solar Analytics
Solar Analytics

AI-based solution for automated production loss identification and diagnosis, providing forward-looking insights and actionable recommendations to boost solar asset performance.


Wind Analytics
Wind Analytics - LivLiner inside

AI-based solution, co-created by 3E and LivLiner, for automated production loss identification and diagnosis, providing forward-looking insights and actionable recommendations to boost wind asset performance. 

Power Forecasting

Power Forecasting
Power Forecasting

Rely on our solar & wind Forecasting Data Services for a more profitable operation of your renewable energy assets. 

AI Sensor Diagnostics

AI Sensor Diagnostics
AI Sensor Diagnostics

Our automated diagnostic check for solar radiation sensors delivers you more accuracy. 

Flexibility Optimizer

Asset Flexibility
Asset Flexibility

Maximize revenues of solar, wind & storage assets through automated control, advanced forecasting and optimization.


Fit to your daily routines


The go-to digital platform 

  • SynaptiQ combines all our leading SaaS solutions to support your projects from ideation to end-of-life
  • The platform is designed to work in and across teams within your organisation
  • Information can be easily exchanged with your preferred stakeholders
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Domain Excellence

  • Our domain knowledge is built upon 20 years of consultancy track record
  • You can count on best-of-class, validated and cross-correlated wind and solar resource data 
  • Our platform utilises AI to centralise and augment all of your data helping to set new standards in cost reduction and efficiency gain

Open data and software architecture built by & for domain experts

  • Guaranteed data access and business process integration
  • Built on 20 years of domain knowledge & best practices
  • Driven by a strong R&D agenda




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Scale is going to matter a lot. When we have to sound out what is possible and where we should go to in the long term to get our ambitions done, proactive business forces are essential. 3E's role was crucial and inspiring to bring business reality into realistic policy options.

Jos Delbeke,
European Commission - Director General Climate 2010 - 2018

Digitization will be key whether it is about cost efficiency or the empowerment of the demand side. 3E has been leading in our Digitalisation & Asset management Task Force to get Best Practice on top of the business agenda.


Walburga Hemetsburger,
Solar Power Europe - CEO

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