Supporting Burundi in its energy transition: step one


3E is proud to be part of Burundi’s first utility-scale solar PV project. This project is the first grid-connected project receiving funding support from the Renewable Energy Performance Platform (REPP) and marks therefore a key milestone for the REPP. The platform was founded in 2015 thanks to funding from the UK’s International Climate Finance initiative. Its aim is to help small and medium-sized renewable energy projects attract private and institutional investment in sub-Saharan Africa. The REPP, as well as Inspired Evolution who also provided sponsor equity, have committed to provide a construction loan to Burundi’s project.

As an independent expert, 3E gave technical support and advice during the Financial Closure process and provided Owner’s Engineering services to Gigawatt Global through a Chinese Wall approach. This successful collaboration will continue during the construction and operational phases of the plant.

This project has been developed by Gigawatt Global following its PV project in Rwanda – which was the first utility-scale solar PV plant in East Africa. Burundi’s plant is expected to supply the electricity needs of around 87,600 people and businesses. It will create 300 part-time jobs during construction and support up to 50 permanent jobs during the operational phase. Once built, the solar plant will add nearly 15% generation capacity to Burundi’s grid using clean energy.

Michael Fichtenberg, Managing Director of Gigawatt Global Burundi SA and lead project director, says:

“We would like to thank 3E for their professionalism, flexibility, commitment and technical support during early stages of the project up to the financial close. We are glad to confirm that this collaboration will continue during the construction and operation of the project."