Project Development

Project Development is your go-to application for high-resolution wind resource data and bankable solar irradiation data to assess long-term yield of future renewable assets, improve ROI and evaluate operational plant performance.

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Your digital solution for

unlimited access to high-resolution

resource data

Create a pipeline of bankable projects 

Developers, investors, asset managers, owners, O&M contractors, and technology providers depend on our resource data in their daily operations and decision making. 

Access validated data sources 

Our data is constantly compared to reference data from over 300 trusted meteo stations in Europe and Africa, making it the most thoroughly validated satellite-based irradiation data source available today. 

Our solutions


Typical Meteorological Year (TMY) based on our multi-year satellite-based irradiation timeseries. Available in Europe and Africa.

Exceedance Pxx

Exceedance probabilities tailored to your needs: P75, P80, P85, P90 and P95. Available in Europe and Africa.

Historical timeseries

High-resolution satellite-based timeseries of solar irradiation data available worldwide.

API near real time

Last 7 days to last 30 days to assess the performances of the assets.

Virtual met mast time series

Coming soon

Land cover roughness maps

Coming soon

Plans for your needs

Forget about counting and estimating how much data you'll need and when you'll need it. Our platform subscriptions provide you with unlimited access to our data wherever and whenever you require it. 


More than 10,000 assets benefit from 3E's resource data worldwide

We integrate all your resource data needs for your solar & wind energy projects in your daily routines.