Solar Analytics


Boost your solar asset performance with Solar Analytics, an AI-based solution for automated production loss identification and diagnosis, providing forward-looking insights and actionable recommendations.

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Get a reliable production loss breakdown in just one click.

Do you spend too many hours on performance analysis?
Do you lose revenue because of underperforming plants?

Solar Analytics provides forward-looking insights and actionable recommendations to boost solar asset performance. Losses are identified and quantified with unprecedented accuracy and reliability, thanks to SynaptiQ’s unique grey-box approach.

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Solar Analytics: from high-level analysis of lost production and revenue to in-depth recommendations

High-level loss analysis

  • 18 categories of availability and performance losses

  • Continuous simulation based on SynaptiQ Digital Twin for in-depth business plan comparison

  • Revenue loss estimate per loss type


Drill down to identify root causes

  • Losses calculated at inverter level at daily granularity

  • Relative losses as percentage of simulation

  • Full transparency by comparing measurements to simulated MPP voltage and current

Recommendations engine

  • Automated actions proposed based on recoverable losses

  • Cost-benefit calculations for corrective actions

  • Prioritize actions based on lost revenue


Solar resource validation

  • Automated identification of sensor anomalies

  • Actionable recommendations for improvement

  • Based on SynaptiQ’s best-in-class satellite solar data and digital twin model

Why is 3E‘s Solar Analytics leading the industry?

  • Unique grey-box approach based on SynaptiQ’s Digital Twin
  • Maximum accuracy, granularity and transparency as a result
  • +20 years of domain expertise built-in
  • Results of continued collaborative R&D since 2010 with renowned institutes: Sandia Labs, EURAC, Fraunhöfer, IMEC, Ecole des Mines and Sirris
  • Proprietary stack of satellite irradiation and meteo data
  • Built on the SynaptiQ platform under continuous validation with market leaders such as Engie, Bouygues, ReNew Power, Enel, Solar Century and Eneco

“SynaptiQ’s Solar Analytics application allows me to save many hours work when analysing performance losses. The ability to drill down to the deepest level gives me 100% confidence in the results.”

Wendy Vanlommel - Izen
Research Engineer

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