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Relive 3E’s yearly webinar and learn more about the latest insights and market trends in renewable energy.

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The interest in emerging technologies, solutions and business models is higher than ever before, and with 20 years of renewable energy expertise, 3E shared new products and market insights with project developers, asset owners, investors and lenders. As a company driving the evolution of the renewable energy market, we presented an interesting mix of technical topics, round table discussions and valuable networking opportunities.

Here is a quick rundown of the 3E webinar schedule:

  • INTRODUCTION  9:30-9:45       
    3E is entering a new era of digitalised energy. Are you ready to join us?
    Stef Goossens, CEO 3E and Werner Coppye, CTO 3E
  • KEYNOTE  9:45-10:15 
    100% Renewable Europe: How To Make Europe’s Energy System Climate-Neutral Before 2050
    Walburga Hemetsberger, CEO Solar Power Europe

Walburga Hemetsberger
Walburga Hemetsberger has been working in Brussels for more than 18 years in different positions, most of the time in the energy sector.
Before joining SolarPower Europe, Walburga headed the VERBUND Representation Office in Brussels and was a Board Member of Hydrogen Europe. Her previous experience includes her roles as Head of the EU Representation Office at VERBUND for nine years; Advisor of Financial and Capital Markets at The Association of German Public Banks and Association of Public Banks (VÖB / EAPB); Competition lawyer at Haarmann Hemmelrath; A Parliamentary Assistant to Austrian MEP and experience in the DG Competition Merger Control Task Force.
Walburga holds a degree in Law and Business Administration from Leopold-Franzens Universität Innsbruck. She speaks German, English, Dutch and French.
  • NETWORKING – 10:15-10:45
  • ROUND TABLE – 10:15-10:45
    A growing number of lenders have specific needs and expectations when analysing Technical Due Diligence reports. In an open round table discussion, we would like to gain insights from lenders to better meet these expectations - Grégory Ignace, 3E
  • EXPERT SESSIONS – 10:45-12:15
    • Extracting more value from wind farm SCADA data - Werner Coppye, 3E, and Prof. Jan Helsen, VUB
    • Storage: Why? What? How? - Ruben Baetens and Mojtaba Eliassi, 3E 
    • Portfolio benefit in long-term energy yield assessment - Nicolas Meerts, 3E
    • Regulatory changes for PV in Spain - David De Lara Chousa, 3E
  • NETWORKING – 12:20-13:00

What can you learn in the expert sessions?


For wind farm operators, factors such as environmental and grid-related derating, decisions about lifetime extensions, the financial impacts of climate variations, ongoing maintenance strategies, and contract negotiations for availability calculations result in many sleepless nights. But thankfully, help is on the way.

3E has recently joined forces with LivLiner, a spin-off of the Free University of Brussels, to leverage high-frequency SCADA data using the latest machine learning algorithms. Combining 3E’s meteorological modelling, forecasting, wind farm and grid modelling expertise with LivLiner’s advanced AI methods, we deliver new and actionable insights for wind energy portfolio managers. Join the webinar to learn more about key factors such as preventive maintenance, component-based downtime analysis, and generating loss breakdowns compared to business models.

STORAGE: WHY? WHAT? HOW? 11:15-11:45

Given the increasing need for flexibility on the electricity grid, storage nowadays is gaining a lot of momentum. In many countries, investment in storage is stimulated, resulting in different options to built up a profitable business case. This presentation defines the need for flexibility, the potential to generate project revenue and the risks to mitigate in order to ensure a successful investment in storage.


In this session, you will learn about the “portfolio effect” and how it relates to wind and solar plants. Diversifying an asset portfolio reduces the investment risk, and it is possible to quantify this benefit by assessing the dependency of each asset and the reduction of production uncertainty across the entire portfolio. Specifically for wind and solar projects, we will explore how you need to treat each uncertainty component to generate and maintain profitable outcomes.


This session will update you on all of the new regulations for PV grid connection in Spain.
The Spanish government has introduced a new Royal Decree (1183/2020) and Circular (1/2021), and another important Circular will follow after this coming summer. We will guide you through the details of this Royal Decree and give you valuable insights into the driving factors behind these new regulations.