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3E Solar Data Services: what’s next?

Don't you really trust your pyranometer data? Neither do we. That’s why we invested heavily in delivering bankable satellite-based irradiation data in the past decade. Because no matter how you spin it, reliable irradiance data are indispensable for your performance monitoring and yield assessments.

Bankable satellite-based irradiation data

With an overall bias error in the order of ±2.5% 3E has proven to be a bankable satellite-based irradiation data provider. By combining advanced physical cloud-models with parallax corrections, high accuracy is assured even at high temporal resolutions.

Main objectives for 2022

After an extensive internal and external validation of our modelling approach on over 300 meteorological stations across Europe and Africa, we have entered the next phase of development. In the framework of a new project co-funded by the European Space Agency (ESA) Business Applications programme, 3E has put forward three main objectives for the forthcoming year:

  • Global coverage for our satellite-derived solar products: historical timeseries, near-real time data, TMY and TMY PXX.
  • Systematic and extensive global validation framework, to earn your trust day after day.
  • Integration of our satellite-based irradiation data as a stand-alone solution in your SynaptiQ environment. So that you can access, manipulate and share all data in a fast and intuitive way, during every stage of your project.

Test our solar data & give us your feedback

Building on 3E’s tradition of collaborative approach, we will rely one more time on the feedback of our customers to get this right from the start. So if you are interested in bringing in your user requirements and expectations, or in testing a pilot-version of our solution, please contact David Trial - our dedicated Energy Data Business Developer.


Photo by NASA on Unsplash