3E SynaptiQ ushers in the new era of data-driven renewable energy with the launch of SynaptiQ Project Development

SynaptiQ Project Development application helps project developers to assess long-term yield of future renewable assets and improve ROI.

3E SynaptiQ, the leading performance management SaaS platform for renewable energy assets, announced the launch of SynaptiQ Project Development application. This new application centralizes bankable & validated solar irradiation data and provides unlimited access to TMY (Typical Meteorological Year) and Historical Time Series, helping project developers to move from the feasibility phase to the final design phase of solar projects.

The launch of SynaptiQ Project Development spearheads SynaptiQ's growth beyond the operational phase into a new category servicing projects in the development phase: putting SynaptiQ on the path to becoming a lifecycle platform for renewable assets.

“We aim to bridge the gap between the development and operational phases of renewable assets with our SynaptiQ platform by providing continuity in data, modelling, and business plan comparisons of expected and actual yield,” said Werner Coppye, Founder & CPO of 3E.

“Today, we bring solutions for solar projects to alleviate the pain points of project developers such as technical challenges, data uncertainty, and bankability, as well as financial challenges due to the market's high cost of accessing solar data with multiple features. However, soon we will add solutions for wind resource data such as Virtual Met Mast (already in beta phase), which complements or replaces physical met mast. We will also add yield analysis capabilities, which will allow you to estimate yield and energy in order to secure funding for new projects.

As per 3E’s internal validation whitepaper the mean bias error for SynaptiQ solar irradiation data is close to zero for the different validations, i.e. respectively 0.3% and 0.7% for the global or European stations. The absence of bias, combined with a low uncertainty of the bias, makes 3E’s satellite- based service a bankable source of irradiation data for long-term yield assessments (or LTYA) of photovoltaic systems.

SynaptiQ Project Development is available today to everyone (20% discount if you subscribe before February 2023) and SynaptiQ existing customers (20% lifetime discount).

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