Assessing Kenya’s wind potential


The government of Kenya has commissioned the 3E-Eunivy consortium to perform a comprehensive analysis of their large portfolio of ongoing wind measurement campaigns across the country.

This initiation from the ministry of energy is part of Kenya’s ambitious energy vision to increase the national electricity generation capacity to 12GW by 2024 from the existing 2.3GW. Renewable energy being an important part of this mid-term plan, Kenya has made constant efforts over the years to explore their wind potential and they installed over 100 masts in different locations distributed over the country since 2009.

The consortium’s specific task will be to verify the integrity of the complete data acquisition chain from data collection up to data logging and online storage. Eunivy has extensive on-site experience with wind measurement campaigns and will be in charge of checking and verifying the proper functioning of the measurement equipment and the data loggers on the mast side and also of the computer server at the headquarters of the Kenyan government.

Wind measurement campaigns and data processing being the core expertise of 3E, our task will be to check the integrity of the collected and stored data. A gap analysis will be carried out between the logger and the server data through automated data event detection by using 3E’s in-house developed data analysis tools.

Based on the outcome of their analysis, the consortium will provide guidance to the Kenyan government in ensuring reliable measurement campaigns protecting the overall integrity of the wind data.