Grasshopper deploys SynaptiQ in Canada


Since 2007, Grasshopper provides solar solutions to homeowners, farmers, municipalities, school boards and businesses all over Ontario in Canada. Their goal is to accelerate the adoption of sustainable practices by creating accessible and affordable products for their customers.

Grasshopper monitors, maintains, optimises and reports on thousands of residential solar systems in combination with a portfolio of commercial rooftop and ground mount solar plants. All these assets have been deployed onto SynaptiQ Solar, 3E’s SAAS portfolio management and performance monitoring tool. This will enable Grasshopper and 3E to grow and look forward into a continued relationship.

Carlos Melendez, operations manager from Grasshopper Solar says: “We evaluated the market and found SynaptiQ to be the best solution in the marketplace“. Geoffrey Bell, reporting and analytics manager added: “The SynaptiQ team has been brilliant all the way through, and especially in the implementation phase. They have been working hard on finding good solutions for the integration process of our many sites“.