Optimizing performance of The Netherlands’ largest floating solar park


With 6,150 panels on an irrigation basin, the solar park of Lingewaard (The Netherlands) is the largest floating solar park on Europe’s mainland. The solar park generates green electricity every year for more than 600 families (over 1.8 GWh per year). The park is an initiative of the Lingewaard municipality with the aim of producing locally sustainably generated electricity.

As The Netherlands has been fighting against and living with water for ages, it has become one of the best places to develop floating solar technologies. With a surface area of 3.25 ha, the irrigation basin of Lingewaard appeared to be ideal for the implementation of such a project, providing sustainable energy for the surroundings while at the same time limiting water evaporation.

Tenten Solar is responsible for operations and maintenance of this innovative project, and has selected SynaptiQ as a performance monitoring and reporting tool. Remco Metaal, head of engineering of Tenten Solar: 

“In a booming Dutch market, we chose to equip our organisation with professional tools to manage the quality of our services while growing rapidly. Namely SynaptiQ’s unique data aggregation and data enrichment features enable Tenten Solar to upgrade its component characterisation and performance monitoring."

From 3E’s point of view, this was also a unique opportunity. As Werner Coppye, COO of 3E, says:

“Innovative projects or new designs benefit heavily from the analytical capacities and embedded modelling of SynaptiQ. The specific thermal model will allow to better characterise the impact on the performance of this specific floating setting.”