SynaptiQ sets foot on the Finnish solar market


Finland has proven to be a solid and fertile ground for solar PV investments. Even if the total installed capacity might still be limited (27MW), between 2014 and 2016 Finland experienced a market growth by more than 100 percent. For grid-connected solar PV systems, the cost of energy ranges from 3.3 cent/kWh for commercial systems to 11 cent/kWh for small residential rooftop systems (source: PV Europe). These prices are partially achieved through government support schemes (investment grants, tax deductions, grid-fee exemptions…).

With such thriving conditions on the market, Solarigo has taken its place as the most trusted supplier of solar energy in Finland with 12.4 MW of solar power plants in production or under construction. Solarigo offers long term renewable solar power contracts for corporations and communities abiding by the full-service principle. Their customers pay agreed flexible or fixed competitive prices for their solar power. The solar power systems are designed in a way that the larger part of the solar power is self-consumed. Solarigo owns, finances, and maintains the solar PV systems and covers new and maintenance investments for the whole period of the contract.

Solarigo has decided to use SynaptiQ as their asset management and performance optimization tool for their entire portfolio. Antti Koskelainen, CEO of Solarigo: “We chose SynaptiQ for several reasons, but its impressive record of accomplishments and flexibility over the full solar PV scope and beyond have been decisive. In order to realize our ambitious targets, our organization requires well-structured operations. We trust SynaptiQ as our software platform to assure our future growth thanks to its in-depth domain competence and its open platform architecture.

Werner Coppye, CTO of 3E, adds: “We are truly thrilled to launch this new partnership on such an exciting new market. The Finnish energy landscape has some fantastic years to come, and we are proud to be present and contribute to its growth.